Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Doesn't Kill Me Will Go in My Next Story

I was having a half-way decent day, thinking about my word count and how I was going to make up for yesterday. Unfortunately when I got home all of that flew out the window. I found my TV converter box, microwave and my son’s radio missing. The dressers had been riffled through in both our rooms, but I only had about five dollars in the house so that wasn’t a big deal. When I got to my office, I saw what had happened. My back door was open. Now this same door has been impossible to open since August but I guess the maintenance man forced it open and then opened the storm door to do what he had to do. My landlord said that she would replace my items. Good thing I was paranoid and took my laptop with me for the last two days, I would have had a harder time getting that replaced I’m sure.

After all of this, the maintenance guy still has to come back tomorrow. Thank God and the federal government for federal holidays, because D and I are going to be here monitoring the goings on. Even if I didn’t have the day off, I would have taken the day off. I’ve just got this thing about still having stuff to move when I get ready to move, I’m just funny like that. D is like a guard dog, he watches everything. And he will bust you out, “Mama, what man doing? Man break thang.” That’s my boy.

Since I’m off tomorrow, I will try my best to get back on track. Like my title implies, I may use my dilemma in my story. So don’t be surprised if my private detective has a fit about somebody breaking into her office.

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