Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 28 of NaNoWriMo

I got up at 8:00 am to work on my novel. The first 1,651, that I wrote while D was still asleep, was pretty good. It answered a lot of questions that I should have answered from the beginning. Now the last 10,226 was partly backstory but mostly gibberish that I’ll end up taking out during the editing stage. I must admit that part of my dad and my weekly conversation found its way into the story. My dad is a funny guy. He is usually the prototype for most of the older male roles in each of my stories. He doesn’t mind because he knows that I’ll share the wealth with him.

I was still staying at my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. Aunt Essie and I sat side by side on the couch in front of the fireplace. We had a pitcher of Crown Royal laced eggnog on the coffee table, for easy access.

“Professor, do you ever get lonely. I mean I don’t ever remember you having a steady boyfriend. What do you do when you’re feeling…antsy?”

My auntie threw her head back in laughter. “Well, darling, I haven’t been antsy in quite a while. But when the desire comes, I have a friend that I like to visit.”

“You’ve never told me about a friend,” I said before a hiccup escaped my lips. “Who is this dude? I need to check him out, make sure he’s not a killer or rapist.”

“I’ve already checked him out, about 20 years ago. And darling, when I’m done with him he doesn’t have the strength to put his pants back on let alone to go out and killing and raping.”

“Ohhh, my auntie is freaky deeky. What’s his name? How come you’ve never married him?”

“His name is Bobby Harris. He’s great in bed but he’s not marriage material. I don’t think Bobby has worked at the same place for more than two years since I’ve known him.”

“Damn…sorry dog, auntie you got a freaky scrub. Haven’t you met any other guys you wanted to be with?”

“Yes, a few professors and a judge but they weren’t ready when I wanted a commitment, but when I had accepted the fact that they didn’t want to in a relationship and moved on, they changed their minds. I got sick of the love tug a war so I just decided that I would just settle for Bobby.”

“That’s sad Aunt Essie. You and me…You and I are going to have to find us some real men. We will not accept immix…imitations, lady.”

Aunt Essie giggled so much that she made me burst out laughing and I almost spit my eggnog across the room.

Word Count
51,045/50,000 WINNER!!!

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