Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Are You Doing Super Bowl Sunday?

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With the Super Bowl coming up, one of my coworkers suggested that everyone in our group wear a jersey or t-shirt in support of our favorite NFL team.  Of course she didn't tell us this until today before we all got off work.  Many of us aren't really football fans, so we don't just have paraphernalia lying around.  I have a Steelers cap only because I was aggravating my Cowboy fan cousins at a party we had a few years ago.

Since I'm silly, I asked if I could wear my son's Seahawk comforter.  That's not going to happen but I was just thinking out loud.

I decided that I'm going to wear a black shirt and black jeans with my Steelers hat and black and yellow sneakers.  This will only be the second time I've worn the darn thing.  I told my son that I will buy us both Seahawk shirts and hats after the Super Bowl.

Remember when I latched on to the Memphis Grizzlies just because they are the home team?  Well the Tennessee Titans are the home football team but they suck, so I can't get jiggy with them.

Back in the day, I used to go to Super Bowl parties just for the heck of it.  Since I've had my son, no one has invited me to any.  Probably because they figured out that I could care less about the game and I was only there for the snacks.  I may make some food for us to snack on during the game this year.  Lord, please don't let the kid get mad when I hop on my Ipad to watch The Walking Dead.

What are your plans for the Super Bowl?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tax Time: Do You Live for Your Refund?

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It took me up until last year to stop being one of those people that "live" for tax refund time.  Yes, I used to be one of those people that rushed to do my tax return so I could get my refund during the first run of deposits.  I used to always have to catch up on bills and buy or repair a car.  Some of the funds went to shopping but not much, cause I'm always balling on a budget.

I remembered something my dad had told me years ago, "I don't need the government to hold my money for me."  What he meant was that he liked getting his money throughout the year and breaking even or only owing a small amount when it was time to file his tax return.  It took me 20 years to do it but I went in and changed my W-4 so I would get more of my check each pay day.  There's a calculator on that I used to keep up with what I paid in federal tax and what I will have to pay by April 15, if I didn't make changes by December 31.

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This year I will have a small balance to pay but next year I plan to break even, they won't owe me and I won't owe them.  Which is great to me.  I've gotten to the point where I can save money on my own and I hope to continue to do so.  My savings account actually has more than $50 in it for a change and it feels good.

I don't think I'll miss getting refunds because I was never one of those people that got those extra large refunds of $4,000 or more.  I wasn't hounding the mail man or the teller at my bank about when my money was coming. No going on Facebook crying about how much I need my money to keep my lights from getting cut off or my car from getting repossessed.

Freedom from yelling, "I want my money and I need it now," feels so good.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Questions I Often Ask Myself

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What if...
  • We could put ourselves in the dryer for 10 minutes and come out three sizes smaller?
  • We could vaccum the fat out of our bellies and inject it into our butts? 
  •  We could donate part of our DDD+ breasts to people that are not happy with their B cups? 
  •  Healthy fruits and vegetables were just as cheap as Value Meals?
These are just four of the many questions that occur to me on a regular basis.  I guess if the first three things were possible, we wouldn't need number four. Of course if I could afford to eat right everyday I wouldn't get all of these supersized body parts that I want to shrink or donate to the less fortunate.

I also wish I could wiggle my nose like Bewitched and instantly have the body that I want.  Now that would be awesome.  I would also transport myself places so I won't have to deal with traffic, but that's another story.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sleepiness or Procrastination?

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Why is it that when I'm sleepy, that's when I have all kinds of things I need to get done?  When I'm wide awake, I'm looking for things to do to keep from being bored to death.

I got home at 3 pm today but I didn't start thinking about what I wanted to write until 7:30 pm.  Which is dumb because I'm full of broccoli and rice casserole and I just had a mini marathon of the Walking Dead.  So now I'm practically catching a snooze after every couple of words.

My son is sitting across from me with headphones on, watching Fat Albert on his tablet.  Well, he's not really watching it, he's just playing the theme song over and over again.  I don't remember dropping this kid on his head when he was a baby but of course I could have been half sleep at the time.

At the beginning of the blogging challenge, I had every intention of planning a few posts ahead of time.  I was trying to avoid days like this but it didn't work out that way.  I'll blame it on the stupid Walkers, I think they're trying to kill my brain cells or something.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

That Pork Chop Tried to Killed Me

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I don't think I'm going to be eating much pork from now on.  After coming off of the (mostly) fruit and vegetable fast for 21 days, I eased back into eating meat.  Turkey and chicken gave me no problems but when I ate that pork chop for dinner, my whole body went H.AM.  You guys should have seen me sitting at the dinner table looking all crazy and feeling even crazier.  I mean I was feeling like Fred Sandford telling Elizabeth he was coming to join her.

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My dad told me that my head was going to start spinning and sure enough it did.  I tried to play it off but as soon as it started, I put that piggy down.  My little sister had cooked dinner and I had to explain to her about the fast so she wouldn't think something was wrong with the food.  I told her I probably wouldn't be eating any meat for the rest of the week.

Not even ten minutes after dinner, I felt like I was going to have to visit the bathroom in one capacity or another.  That feeling passed after a while but the body ache got worse.  Dad keeps pain medication so I was looking through all of his dresser drawers for something to take the awful feeling away.  I finally found them in the den on the table by his chair.

The pills were for back and body pain. "My head and body hurts so this should work right?"  My little sister and son looked at me like, "Really?"

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I took two of the pills and went and sat down, trying to keep my mind off of the war going on inside me.  Within an hour I was pretty good but as I write this post it feels like I won't be completely right until I get this piggy out of me.  Since it takes meat 12 hours to digest, I should be good by my morning bathroom business meeting.