Friday, January 30, 2015

Just because ~ Gift giving

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Almost a decade ago, before I had my son, I used to craft all kinds of things for my coworkers.  Every month I made items with each person's name on it to hang outside of their cubicles.  I did that for a couple of years until people started getting on my nerves. 

Some of those projects got pretty pricey but I didn't mind because I wanted our area to be cute and I wanted to make my team happy.  Unfortunately, I started having people that complained when their item didn't look exactly like someone else's. I thought that was dumb because I thought everyone wanted one of a kind items.  

Similar but different.

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After a couple of crazy comments I asked if they wanted to contribute to the decorations if they wanted everything to look a certain way.  Maybe three people gave me a couple of dollars that next month.  After that I never got anything so I stopped doing it.

Now that I'm in another team, I've watched these folks for a year and a half and they seem to be more appreciative.  I may not do projects every month but I'm going to start with Valentine's Day and see how things go.  I wanted to start with birthdays but a lot of us take vacation days on our birthdays so things may get kind of crazy trying to reschedule the gift giving and whatnot.

Sometimes it sucks to go to work so I try to boost everyone's morale.  I get a boost just by seeing happy faces so it's a win/win.

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