Friday, January 16, 2015

Was the Tattoo Worth it?

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I was in Walgreens  picking up a few items when I noticed this lady with a VERY short dress on. With temperatures in the low 30s, there was only one type of woman that came to mind.  Sorry, I judge people but I'm working on that.

Anyway, when I got in line behind this hooker, I noticed her constantly wiggling and looking down at her leg.  I thought she had finally figured out it was winter and was wondering why she didn't have any pants on or at least some tights.  She had several tattoos on her leg but it took me a minute to realize that one of them was freshly done.

To be sure I asked, "Did you just get that?"
"Yes, and it's still bleeding," Then she asked the cashier if she had any tissue. The lady was nice enough to stop scanning the merchandise of her customer to look for tissue but there wasn't any in her immediate area.

I continued to look at tattoo lady wiggling and noticed that the only thing she was about to purchase was some ointment.  Poor thing. Not only was her leg on the verge of getting infected but she was probably going to develop a bad cold before the night was over with.

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In my opinion, tattoos are great forms of artist/creative expression. I wouldn't personally get one but to each their own. Being that she had gotten at least one tattoo before, I wondered why she didn't get the ointment before she went to get the tattoo.

It wasn't my business but hey, I'm a writer and it's my job to observe people, right?

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