Sunday, January 18, 2015

Teenagers are Crazy

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Teenagers are strange, some more so than others. My 14 year old sister is going through some type of phase where she'd rather sleep in the den than in her room.  Dad and I have been trying to figure out what's going on but it's still a mystery.  

Dad helped her paint her room her favorite color. She slept in there a month or so after then back to the den. Today he told her since she didn't want her room, he was going to rent it out.

"You better not rent my room out," she said taking her pillow and blanket to the den.

When I was little I always had to share my room with a sibling or other relative until I turned 16 years old. I was so happy when I got my own room. I had pictures and posters all over the walls.  I didn't have a TV in my room but I had a ton of books.  Plus I didn't have to share my closet and dressers drawers with anyone, it was awesome.  

Dad said that he and his brother had to sleep on the kitchen floor when they were little. Sometimes my dad tells tall tales but there may be some truth to that if they only had one bedroom and his sister slept in the living room. I guess the only other place for he and his brother to sleep was in the kitchen.

Little sister has a TV with cable and DVD player. She has a cellphone and a tablet.  A lot more than I had at her age so why is she not happy? Plus, at her grandmother's, she has to share a room with her younger sister and various cousins at any given time. If I had to go through that my room at dear old dad's house would be so much more appealing.

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There's no way in the world that I would choose to sleep on the couch when I have a perfectly good bed in my room with plum colored walls.

Whenever someone asks her why she does strange things, her answer is, "Cause, I can."

Wow, this is why my tolerance for foolishness is so low.

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