Sunday, January 11, 2015

Who's Your Ideal Mate?

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I read this blog today that basically stated that couples could improve their relationships if they had sex in the morning before they woke the kids up to get ready for school.  Sounds like a great plan to me and it would probably work if I were in a relationship.  Now, I'm not all that picky but I do have standards.

I know many people want their significant other to look a certain way, but to me that's not the most important thing. I'm like this--as long as the guy smells good, doesn't have "butter" on his teeth, doesn't weeze when he talks, and can bend over enough to tie his own shoes; it's all good. 

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One thing I absolutely cannot stand though is a guy that can't carry on a descent conversation. I have no patience for dum-dums. He could take a class, read a book or two, do something to gain some knowledge every once in a while. It's cool to talk about music and sports sometimes, but I need a guy that can be a little deeper than that. If he can't handle that he has to go. I can't fix stupid but I sure can get rid of him.

What do you do to keep the spice in your marriage or courtship (Who says that anymore?) Are you choosey?

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