Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I Write

I write because I can't help but to. I've always loved to read books, magazines, even junk mail. Every time I read a billboard on the side of the road I wonder what made the writer or artist come up with his idea. When I hear certain songs on the radio they inspire me to write poems or short stories or a chapter in one of my books. When I have a conversation with someone I study them and what they say and figure out what kind of character I can base on their characteristics.

It just makes me feel good when people tell me they love my poems or stories and tell me I should sell them. I also love getting constructive criticism. Tell me if I'm screwing up. But of course I'll always be my own worse critic. When I've made a typo or some other blunder, I'm usually the one that notices it first.

I will always be a writer even if no one but a few of my co-workers and my best friends are my only fans. And that's real talk.