Friday, March 16, 2012

You Tube is my boo thang

I've been making videos since January of 2010 and have been loving every minute of it. I started off just talking about my natural hair journey but my channel has evolved into something greater. It has basically become my own set of commercials for my crafts. I'm apart of two groups Fresh Off tha Hook (FOTH) and Gifted Hands (GH). They are sister groups but FOTH focuses on nothing but crochet and GH lets us showcase all other handmade items.

Even though I've only been making videos for a year, I've been watching YouTube videos since 2006. The videos I make incorporate some of the things that I've learned from watching other video vloggers.

Sometimes I miss writing but one day I'll figure out a way to incorporate my love of writing into my new love of making videos. Ideas are floating around in my head but I'll keep them to myself until the time is right.

Here are two of my most recent videos if you want to check them out.