Friday, January 9, 2015

Where Would You Like to Go?

My son wants to see 5 of the National Monuments but he's afraid to get on a plane.  If he thinks I'm going to drive that old Chevy all over the United States, he's got another think coming.  His suggestion was for us to buy a tour bus.  I think he meant RV but I don't plan on buying either one of them.

Here's the list in order of importance to my seven year old.  Only later did he ask how far away each one was.
  • Gateway Arch - St Louis, MO
  • Washington Monument - Washington, DC
  • Empire State Building - New York, NY
  • Sears Tower - Chicago, IL
  • Space Needle - Seattle, WA

Last May we did drive to Missouri to see the Gateway Arch, but that was only six hours away.  We walked around inside for a while and I wanted to go up in this elevator thing that would take us to the top of the structure but old boy was scared.  So we just went to the gift shop and bought keychains and a coloring book.

I'm pretty sure it was my idea to go to the St Louis Zoo but Don had a better time. Probably because I didn't have on the right kind of shoes for walking.  That place was huge!!

We both enjoyed our hotel room immensely.  It felt good being in nice spot with a view.  Don enjoyed the fact that we shared a room.  That was the first time that he told me I was his best friend. Awwww

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This summer, he wants to go to Chicago.  I told him I wanted to go to Disney World but he got scared because he said he didn't want to get eaten by alligators. Oy Vey!!! I guess that means we're going to Sears Tower then.

What are some of the places you would like to visit? Do you only travel in the summer or different times of the year?

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