Friday, January 23, 2015

Do You Do Well On Job Interviews?

Being an introvert, I've had to go through hours of prayer and preparation to get through the few interviews I've had in my working life.  I always felt that it was a miracle when I received job offers. The managers told me that I did great on my interview but there was always something in the back of my mind saying, "If they picked me, how bad were the other applicants?"

That's sad but it's real.

I'm still that shy little girl in my head.  The one that used to cross the street to keep from walking through a group of boys.  The one that always wore baggy clothes and kept my hair in a ponytail so I could blend into the background.  Don't get it twisted, when I got to know people I talked their ears off but it took months for me to get to that point.

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Over the years I've learned to be myself, as they say, during interviews. Well, I became some form of myself, an alter-ego. The confident, charismatic version of me.  As I watched the video below, I was thinking about how glad I was that I never went to these extremes during the interview process.  I think a whole lot of crazy things that I will never say out loud. Of course they may end up in one of my books one day, but that's another story.

How do you do on interviews? Share your tips.

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