Thursday, January 8, 2015

Me Time? What's That?

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Sometimes I wish I had more "me" time but then I think about the days (years) that I had nothing but time to myself.  I had my son when I was 31, so I spent the majority of my twenties alone.  Boyfriends came and went, but even when I was in a relationship, I was alone quite a bit. The guys had friends that they hung out with or children to spend time with, all I had was little old me.

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I thought I had the worst life ever on occasion.  My friends invited me to gatherings but I rarely went.  If I had some sense, I could have used that alone time to write a whole bookshelf of books. The stories probably wouldn't have been all that good but I would have perfected my style over the years.

As soon as my son started making complete sentences, my personal time was over.  Well, until he goes to bed but sometimes I'm so sleepy that I fall asleep before he does.  When I wake up in the middle of the night, I do get a chance to work on a few things but then I get sleepy after a couple of hours.  

The weekends, HA HA, there's barely a dull moment around this place.  Plus, I have so many things that need to be done that I am not able to do after work during the week.  

Even when I take off work a few days here and there, I end up doing more work at home than I'm required to do at work.  Oh well...

How much time do you get to yourself?  What are you able to do during your "me" time?

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