Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What Are You Afraid Of?

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One of my greatest fears is being homeless.  I couldn’t stand not having a roof over my head or having to beg strangers for food and/or shelter.  Maybe that's why I didn't pursue writing as a young woman.  I didn't want to spend a lot of time trying to sell my work and still end up not making enough money to survive.

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Of course now I'm smart enough to know that I'll have to work somewhere else until I get my writing career off the ground.  I'm creeping up on 20 years at that "somewhere else" but hey, better late than never to start pursuing my dream.

I have a loved one who chose to live on the streets instead of in a home with his family or friends. Everytime I see him, I let him know that whenever he needs me he could knock on my door. He says he's fine and walks away.  There's nothing in me that would want to live like that and I pray that nothing happens to force me into that type of situation.

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The most fearful of all is death. I mean I’m ready whenever the Lord is ready for me but I pray that I don’t die before my son becomes an adult.  He’s only a little guy and I’m a single parent with a nearly 70 year old father who has no interest in raising another child, having raised 8 of his own plus 2 steps.

That’s why I've gotten mindful of what and how much I drink and eat. It is also why I am seriously trying to drop this other person that I’m carrying around on my body. There is a sexy beast under here and I’m going to find her.

What is your greatest fear?  How do you deal with it?

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