Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

image from juliusboatwright.com
I am a very colorful person.  That could describe my artistic nature but it also extends to my hair color.  My natural hair color, well when I was younger, was dark brown. Now there's quite a bit of grey under this light brown hair.

Now my boldness does not extend to blues, purples, greens, etc. But I do not judge those who have such adventurous natures.  Black, brown, red and blond are all the colors I need to express myself.  If I want to wear any other color, that's what hats are for.

Over the years people have said that African American women should stick with their natural hair colors.  HA!! I wonder how many of those same people wash the gray right out of their hair?  It's also been said that big women should stick to dark colors because they make them look smaller. Double HA!! The only thing that will make me look smaller is pushing away from the dinner table.

Have you ever did something that was considered out of the ordinary? Did it make you feel uncomfortable?


Robin I. said...

Well, Susie, I went grey about a year and a half ago! I'd been dying it forever and was sick of keeping it up, even though I changed the shades, too. Red, blonde, light brown, dark brown--hey, you just need a change sometimes!

But I'm loving the grey--totally different look *and* I still manage to keep on dying it... white highlights, darker grey, subtle shades of blue and purple that make it seem bright white in some light and just a little color in others... or don't do anything for a month or two ans it all sort of fades to a beige-grey that some people don't realize is grey because it's almost blonde (but I know, because I used to have dark hair.) It's kind of fun.

I don't know, though. Maybe if I managed to not be roly poly anymore my face might start looking older and I'll want to go back to brown. Right now, though, I feel like grey is a little irreverent!

Susie McCray said...

Robin, Looking at your picture, gray does look nice on you.

I did stop dying my hair once but it never turned completely gray. Just gray streaks here and there. I thought about dying it all gray but chickened out. Then I put a piece of gray extension in the front but everyone thought I looked crazy so I took it out.

Maybe one day I'll stop dying it but I don't see that happening anytime soon.