Monday, January 5, 2015

What Do Writers Drink?

Johnny Depp in Rum Diary
All my life I heard about writers that were either alcoholics or drug addicts. Now I do partake of the occasional margarita here and there, even wrote about it. (here)  But for the most part, my favorite drink is tea.

I like iced tea, hot tea, herbal tea, green tea... Well I'll stop there because I sound like Bubba Gump talking about his beloved shrimp.

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Based on my research, tea is good for you and has zero calories. There are even teas that have no caffeine. But guess what? It's only good for you if you drink it UNSWEETENED. Yes, with no sugar or honey.  I'm pretty sure those imitation sweeteners subtract from the health benefits as well.  

Now in my opinion, unsweetened tea tastes like brown water. Soooo, I decided that I will just stick to water and only partake of tea when I just can't fight the feeling anymore.

I used to be addicted to both sodas and coffee, but I've broken free from those demons. LOL Just kidding, coffee is awesome but sodas are definitely the devil.

What do you like to drink? Share your mixed drink recipes. LOL

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