Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 13 of NaNoWriMo

Today was a pretty good day. I went back to work today after two days of being off. My son didn’t talk to me for the first hour after he got home from the sitter’s. I wasn’t sure if he was sleepy or mad at me, but whatever it was, he got over it. I alternated working on my novel and talking and playing with D.
I came up with a lot of ideas today but, I couldn’t figure out where to fit them all in. Today’s word count was short, only 1,088 words. But I’ve made a breakthrough that I’m going to work on tomorrow.

Writing this novel has been a lot of work but it has been fun. I hope all of my fellow NaNoers feel the same way.

When Cole Slaw and I walked into Pressure World, we turned to the left and saw teenagers everywhere. I scanned the crowd for my sisters and spotted them at a table in front of the windows. They had never looked so much alike until that moment, with their short black dresses and stilettos. The only difference was that Harmonye had her red hair, very similar to mine, wavy and hanging down her back. Melodye’s was a honey blonde upsweep. They looked beautiful.

As I made it through the crowd, I noticed another difference; Melodye had a tattoo around her wrist that resembled a bracelet. Harmonye had no tattoos. Both of them hugged me and thanked me for coming. They pointed to two seats at their table and Cole Slaw and I sat down. The music was a mixture of old school R&B and new school Hip Hop. Two guys came over and asked the girls to dance, to an R. Kelly song. They both looked at me and smiled; there would be no bumping and grinding with big sister in the house.

“This is cool,” Meosha yelled over the music as she sat down beside Cole Slaw.

“It is isn’t it? Did you bring the Hennessey?” Cole Slaw asked.

“Of course,” Meosha said pulling a huge bottle out of her bag.

I didn’t think that a bottle that size could fit in a purse, but there it was. There was a bucket of ice and some cups sitting on the table. I took one sip of the brown liquid and let it burn down my chest. Then it came to me. When I met Kadijah, she had a mole on the left side of her lip, but when I met Peaches there was a mole on the right. They had the same face, the same body, the same voice. But those moles, like tattoos were very distinctive.

Cole Slaw, Meosha and I tried to talk over the music for an hour. I nudged Cole Slaw signaling that I was ready to go. She nodded and finished up her conversation with Meosha before getting up to hug her.

On our way to my apartment, I told Cole about my discovery.

“I remember Peaches’ mold. It looked a little too perfect to be a birthmark. I think it was a tattoo.”

“I think you’re right. But what are we going to do about it.”

“Duh, we’re going to prove it,” I wanted to slap her.

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