Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21 of NaNoWriMo

I spent most of today at my dad’s house. He was yelling at my baby sister and my niece and I was yelling at my son. It was just a normal Saturday with the family. Before D and I went to Dad’s house I got a chance to write some notes to get me started on today’s writing. After eating lunch, I got in about 1,256 words. Algebra homework is due tonight so once I tackle it I will add a few more digits to the count.

“We’ve got some things we need to clean up and we thought that we’d start with you.”

Jerry was in the bedroom. He was a light sleeper and I wondered if he heard what was going on. Please get your gun; I tried to tell him telepathically.

“It’s so nice of you girls to stop by to help me clean my apartment but my boyfriend…”

“You have a boyfriend? I thought a tough girl like you didn’t need a man. Where is he?”

“He’s…” I hoped he had awakened.

“Hinniyah, go check out the bedroom.”

My heart nearly jumped out of my DDDs while we waited. Five minutes later, someone cried out and then there was a big thud as someone hit the floor.

“Hinniyah, what’s going on in there?” She didn’t answer. “Hey boyfriend, if you hurt my little sister I’m going to skin your girlfriend alive right in front of you. Then I’m going to cut your balls out of the sac and hang them around your neck on a string.”

Kadijah had really gotten violent over the last few weeks. I guess jail did that to you. Of course since she killed her own husband, it may have been there all along. Kadijah made me get up from where I sat on the floor. I led her down the hall to the bedroom her gun was in the middle of my back. When we walked into the room, Hinniyah was lying on the floor at the foot of bed, with her face in the carpet. When I saw Jerry lying across the bed with a knife in his chest up near his shoulder, I ran to him, not caring if Kadijah shot me.

“Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Sure, just a little uncomfortable.”

I looked around to see where Kadijah was; she had put the gun down and was leaning beside Hinniyah. She picked up her sister and hugged her. Jerry had shot Hinniyah with her own gun; it was on the bed beside him. I grabbed it and got up slowly. Kadijah held Hinniyah in her arms as she rocked. She was humming and crying.

“Kadijah, we’ve got to get them to the hospital.”

She ignored me and continued to rock and hum. I grabbed the phone from the nightstand and dialed 911, I said that we needed the police and an ambulance and hung up. The operator had a bunch of questions to ask but I didn’t have a bunch of patience to deal with it. They would send help anyway, I could explain later. I couldn’t stand seeing the knife in Jerry’s chest but I knew if I tried to pull it out that would have done more damage than good.

Happy writing, fellow NaNoers. I hope you’re in better shape than I am. Even if I don’t make it to 50,000 word mark by November 30, I plan to keep writing until I finish. This is definitely a learning experience and I plan to get all I can out of it.

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