Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 27 of NaNoWriMo

My sitter came to get D at 7:40 this morning, so I took that as my cue to get busy writing. To avoid the urge to return to bed I got dressed, packed up my laptop and notes and headed to Starbucks. It was 9:15 by the time I reached 636 words. I wanted to add a little more but it was time to head to work.

The cafeteria at my job wasn’t serving food today, so I had the entire space to myself. Armed with my notes, IPod, snacks, and a great writing utensil, I set out on my word count mission. I was able to add another 152 to my word count before my break was over.

D was gone someplace with my sitter when I got off so I was able to work on my writing uninterrupted for a couple of hours. I wrote my little heart out, trying not to think about D. It’s something how when your kid is around, you wish he would go to sleep and stop asking so many questions but when you are away from him, you feel like something is missing. I wrote 659 words while I waited for my little man.
I ran to the door as soon as I heard Mrs. B pull into the driveway. When I opened the door D was walking up the steps. As soon as he got in he grabbed my soda drank half of it before belching like a grown man. D made me bounce a balloon off his head a couple times while I keyed in 192 words.

My total word count for today was 2190. The creativity was waning as I became more and more sleepy. Three more days and 10,836 words to go, I hope to get them all in this weekend so I can relax on Monday.

“Shannon, I’m sorry. I had to get the laptop and I had to see if Joshua had hidden anything in the car. I didn’t want you to be implicated when all of the mess came to a head,” Mallory said headbutting Shannon and then kneeing her in the groin. I jumped out of the car just as Shannon hit the ground. The men had stop loading the trailer to watch the cat fight.

“You,” Mallory said turning to me. “Why did you have to stick your big nose in our business? I was going to leave the car someplace so the police could find it once we had searched it.”

“Why are you mad at me? You’re her friend all you had to do was offer to detail the car and search it then. You stupid.”

“Stupid? I’ll show you stupid.” Mallory said throwing a punch at me. When I dodged it she yelled and ran into me, knocking me to the ground.

“Ooo,” one of the guys exclaimed. I saw Shannon get up and walk over to where we were struggling. Mallory was on top of me trying to choke me when Shannon came over and kicked her in the side of the head.

“Damn, did you see that,” came from our audience.

Mallory fell off of me onto the concrete. I got up and ran to my car while Shannon talked more shit to Mallory. I hoped that the men wouldn’t think I was getting a gun and attached me. But they were too busy watching the fight to pay much attention to me. My cell phone was on the floor and I picked it up and called Marcus.

“Marcus, this Sassy, I need you and some of your boys to come take care of something for me.”

“Sassy, what are you trying to do now? You’re on parole you can’t get into any kind of craziness.”

“I’m just trying to clear my name,” I gave him the address and ran to get Shannon before she caught a valid murder charge.

“Shannon, it’s okay sweetie,” I said grabbing her.

Mallory’s face was swollen and bloody, a couple of her teeth were gone, and plugs of her blond hair were missing. Shannon was crying her eyes out and she was babbling something about the only gift he had ever given her being stolen her by her best friend. I walked her to the chair on the porch and helped her sit down.

The guys helped Mallory up, as they tried to keep their giggles from turning into hilarious laugher. A closer look at two of the three men revealed a family resemblance.

“Sis, you got your ass beat. I didn’t know that big girl had it in her.”
They looked at me quizzically. One of them asked who I was and when Mallory mumbled that I was a detective, they stopped laughing.

“Are you a cop?”

“No,” I said as the first of five squad cars pulled to the curb. “But I have a lot of cop friends.”

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