Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Update ~ Day 7

I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday because I only wrote 524 words.  When I woke up this morning I was determined to get back on track and I did. *doing happy dance*  Today I wrote 2,174 words bringing my total to 11,754. Yippee skippee!!

Here's today's excerpt:

                “Hello, Mrs. Hammer, is now a good time for me to come over?”
                “No, mother isn’t feeling well. Can’t you just tell me what you need to say over the phone?”
I told her that I hadn’t talked to Danny but that I heard from a friend of his that he was okay. 
                “Is that it?  You were going to come all the way here to tell me that? I don’t know what you’re up to…”
                “I don’t live very far from you plus I like handling business face to face whenever possible.  I do apologize if that is an inconvenience for you.”
                “It’s not so much an inconvenience, I just don’t true a lot of people.”
I wanted to scream laughter in her ear. I couldn’t believe that statement came from the lips of a woman who was not trusted by her own mother.
                “Please give my well wishes to Mrs. Long.  I’ll be in touch.” Like white on rice baby.
Now that was the kind of woman that drove a person to drink, not that I needed an excuse.  I opened the fridge and a bottle of apple vodka looked out at me.

I heard you had a main chick, a mistress and some hoes. You be up to no good and everybody knows. My homegirls tried to warn me, they tried to let me know. But what you got I need a lot so I can’t let you go.

I woke up at 1:00 am covered with sweat.  Whew, I had forgotten to turn the air on when I got home.  Those dreams were really starting to get on my nerves.  I couldn’t really tell who the dream was about because everyone’s faces were blurry.  I was at a house party and that J. Cole song was playing.  I was dancing with some faceless dude and he kept grabbing my ass.  I didn’t know the guy from Adam so eventually I punched him and ran out of the house.  It was very hot outside and I wasn’t sure where I was running to because nothing around me looked familiar.  All of a sudden a bunch of women were chasing me telling me to leave they man alone.   Before I could find out who they were talking about I woke up.

Damn, I hadn’t had one man in over a year so I sure hadn’t had 20. I looked at my phone, still no text from Jason.  Maybe my imagination was telling me something was up with that cat.  I guess I would find out soon enough.

After I got cooled off I climbed back into bed and prayed that no more dreams would plague me for the rest of the night.

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