Saturday, November 9, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 ~ Day 9

Since today is Saturday, I was hoping to type a whole lot but life got in the way.  Anyway, I did pretty good by getting in 1,692 words.  This brings my total for NaNoWriMo to 15,174.  It's all good baby baby. (In my Biggie voice)

He's an excerpt from what I wrote today:

I logged onto my computer and began doing some research on child custody laws in preparation for my meeting Friday.  Jason sent me a text saying not to worry about dinner because he would bring Papa John’s Pizza.  I told him that sounded great to me.
                “Why you got that big, goofy grin on your face?”
     I laughed, “What do you mean? “
                “I’ve been watching you the last couple of days.  Just now when you were messaging somebody, you all smiles all of a sudden.  You getting some ain’t you?” She said walking over to my desk.
                “Mrs. Alma!”
                “Oh yes, you’re getting some cause if you weren’t you would have just said no.  Maybe you’re about to follow your mom’s advice and have some babies,” this coming from a woman who didn’t have her first child until she was 41.           
                “No ma’am, it’s not even that serious.”
                “Well whatever, serious or laugh out loud funny, at least you’re getting some.”
                “Mrs. Alma, what am I going to do with you?”
                “Pay me,” she held out her hand.  I wrote out her check and handed it to her.  “And I know you’re getting it from a young man cause old men don’t text, they call.”

She had a point but I didn’t want to tell her that was not the only reason that he sent text messages.  Not that I was ashamed of him, I just didn’t feel like it was any of her business.  Plus, I still found it unusual that a guy that young and that handsome was unattached.  He was not the quiet choir boy type and he was definitely not a virgin based on that performance he gave me.

Jason knocked on my door at 6 pm.  I took the boxes of pizza and the drink from him so he could go back to his truck to get the video game.  He asked me if I wanted to eat first or play the game first. I gave him a duh look and he laughed and went over to the sink to wash his hands.  I washed my hands when he was done and pulled plates and glasses out of the cabinet.

We talked a bit while we ate.  He was so animated when he talked that I was sure if he wasn’t deaf he could of definitely been an actor.
                “I had to go to this lady’s house today and boy was her breath stinky.  She was breathing all in my face.”
                “She wanted to kiss you,” I laughed
                “With all that lipstick and her huge teeth, it was creepy like she was gonna eat my head.”
    “Oh my goodness.  Yeah, she was gonna eat your head alright.”
    “I just didn’t know why she had to get so close to me.  I was like ewwwww.”
    “Maybe she thought that was the only way you would understand what she's saying.”
    “Would you want someone with hot and musty breath mixed with coffee, cigarette smoke, and munchies breathing on you?
   “Hell to the no. That’s gross.”
                “For most people I would need 5 feet of personal space but for her I needed 15 feet.”

I was laughing so hard at him that I almost fell out of my chair.  I’m glad I hadn’t encountered many funky people in my line of work but of course anything could happen.

After dinner we played all kinds of games. I was kind of a sore loser so every time I got sick of getting killed or beat up I asked him if we could play another game.  He didn’t seem like he was irritated but I began to irritate myself after the fifth one.

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