Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 ~ Day 4

Today's word count was 1676, this brings my total for the last four days to 7300.  I'm feeling kind of lazy compared to the last 3 days but I'm still a head of schedule.

Here's as excerpt from today's writing:

I looked at TV until I got sick of it and decided to get on the computer to check my social media accounts and maybe play a few games.  When I pressed the power button on my computer, nothing happened.  I waited a minute and pressed it again. I flicked the power strip off then on and pressed it again.  Then I unplugged everything and connected everything back up and pressed it once again.  I felt like crying.  My laptop was at the office and I didn’t feel like driving over there so I just sat at my desk and pouted for a while.  I had a problem with the office computer a while ago but Aunt Essie called someone for me and he came right over and repaired it.  I went to the couch and searched around for my cellphone. I pulled it from in between the cushions and pressed Aunt Essie’s name.
                “Darling, how are you? It’s been ages.  You must stop by to see your Aunt some time or at the very least let me come see you.”
                “Hey, Professor, I’m good.  Yes, it’s been a long time but hey can you do me a favor? Sometime tomorrow, can you call that guy that fixed my computer that time?  My home computer is acting a monkey now and I nearly threw it up against the wall.”
                “Oh Sandra darling, you are so dramatic.  Where on earth did you pick up such a horrible trait?”
                “From you and I guess your sister.”
She laughed.  “Speaking of “my sister”, have you talked to your mother lately?” She knew I hadn’t.
                “No ma’am.”
                “Well, you should call her and let her know that you are okay.”
                “Yes ma’am.”
                “ I know you won’t, it’s really not polite to lie to your aunt.”
Heck, Mother hadn’t thought to call me.  I’ve been checking my caller ID and voice mails and I haven’t heard a thing from her.  
                “Okay Professor, I’ll let you get back to what you were doing.  Please don’t forget  to call that computer guy for me.”

                “Yes, darling.”
Monday morning, I was sitting at my desk working on a report when Mrs. Alma walked into the office.  I loved my secretary, she reminded me so much of my Auntie only a more ratchet version.
                “Hey Missy, why you in here looking like you lost your best friend?”
                “I didn’t have a good night.”
                “Drank too much huh?”
                “No ma’am not really. Just feeling kind of lonely that’s all.”  I had another dream again. They were getting worse and worse.
                “Awww, you need some dick in your life.”
                I burst into laughter, “Mrs. Alma…”
                “Don’t Mrs. Alma me, I’ve been watching he-ing and she-ing for forty years and I know when somebody needs a little satisfaction.”
                “Well, you may be right.  Anyway, how are you this morning?”
                “I’m fine. Had to spank that little gal this morning.  Her and that mouth of hers. I just don’t know where she gets all of this smart talk from.” 
I just shook my head.  It’s funny when Mrs. Alma says stuff but that little girl of hers is something serious.  I just needed one week with her and she would be a totally different person.  “Hopefully she’ll start acting better.”
                “She better or she’s going to be missing some skin off that behind.”

I laughed again.  Mrs. Alma was really all talk because if she got on Ms. Lady that much she wouldn’t act the way she did.  

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