Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 ~ Day 8

I wrote 1728 words today so my total word count is a whopping 13482. Get it, girl!

Since I will have a 3 day weekend, I'm hoping to write a lot.  Not sure if I'll be able to do that but wishful thinking is fun.

Here's today's excerpt:

My mother of all people was sitting behind my desk when I walked in.  I looked over at Mrs. Alma.
                “Don’t say a word to her.  If you had called and said hey, kiss my ass or something, I wouldn’t be here.”
                “Mom, I have work to do.”
                “You always have work to do but I need to talk to you.”

I just stood there and sighed. Mrs. Alma said she had some errands to run and left.  My mom and I never had the best of relationships because she sent me to live with my aunt when I was very young and I never knew why.  I wasn't the oldest or the youngest so I didn’t get it.  I always wanted to ask her but never wanted to open that can of worms.  We have at least been on speaking terms a few times out of the year but I had been avoiding her for the last year.
                “Have you talked to Carl?” Here we go.
                “No ma’am I haven’t and I don’t want to.”
                “Why not he’s a good man and he’s still in love with you?”
                “Oh yeah, I guess you would think a guy that likes to play ping pong with your face a good man.”
                “Girl, grow up.  Everyone gets into it sometimes.  That’s part of life.  You’re not getting any younger, Sandra.  You need a husband. What about kids?”
                “I am not in a hurry.  I want what I want and I will not settle for just any old dude.”
                “Well when you’re old and lonely you’re gonna wish you had listened to me.”
                “Are you done?”
                “You are the most spoiled, the most ungrateful…”
                “Mom, please. You said what you had to say, but I don’t have to do what you want and I most certainly don’t have to agree with it.  I’m an adult.  Why would you wait over 30 years to be a mother to me?”
She leaned back in my chair like I had slapped her.  “What are you trying to say?  I’ve always been there for you.”
                “Really mom really? Last time I checked Aunt Essie was the one who read to me at night.  Aunt Essie was the one that fed me.  Aunt Essie was the one that talked to me about my period and boys and birth control and every single thing I learned is because of Aunt Essie.  Where were you Mom?”
                “I saw something in you that I couldn’t nurture.  I didn’t have the book smarts and probably not enough common sense to help you be who you were meant to be.”
I thought that was a bullshit answer but I didn’t say anything.   Mom couldn’t stand the awkward silence so she got up and walked to me. 
                “I love you Sandra.  I know people are not supposed to have favorite children but you are my favorite.  If I had kept you, you would have ended up like your other sisters.  You and the twins are the best kids I’ve ever had.”

Still not a great response but I guessed that was the best she could do.  So I hugged her and thanked her for coming to see me.

After Mom left, I wanted to call Carl and give him a piece of my mind but I didn’t feel like being bothered.  I texted Jason instead.  He responded back asking me what I was up to.  I told him that I needed a stress reliever and he asked if I wanted to go to the gym.  That wasn’t exactly the type of workout I had in mind but I took him up on the offer.


Kelley Shelton said...

I'm sooo proud of you Suzy Quzy!! I'll be reading this shortly.. but wanted you to know I find you such an inspiration!! You go gurl indeed!

Susie McCray said...

Thanks Kelley, I really appreciate your comments and your support. Thanks so much.