Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 ~ Day 2 Update

Oh yes, it's been a long time since I've blogged and a very long time since I've done NaNoWriMo but here I is. LOL

This is day two of the challenge and I am happily sitting at 3,421 words.  Yippee, 87 words ahead.

The story that I am writing is book two in the Sandra "Sassy" Johnson series.  Sassy is a successful private investigator who is in denial about her drinking problem. She specializes in finding missing people although she also ends up solving murders.  Sassy is a divorcee but can't seem to completely get away from her ex husband.  She feels that the fact that she was born on Halloween is the reason for her bad luck in love.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 1.  Let me know what you think.

The clock on the wall read 10:05 am and apparently I had fallen asleep because when I looked at it again it was 3:30 pm. Boy was my neck hurting. I got up to stretch and get the kinks out and noticed I was wet. I wasn’t sure if I had wasted Crown Royal on it or if I had pee peed on myself. Either way I knew it was time to get in the shower and get dressed. I had a bride’s maids dress to get fitted for and I refused to look thrown away.  My hair was braided so I didn’t have to worry about getting it done or messing it up too bad.

On my way to the bathroom my cell phone rang.
            “Girl, what’s wrong with you? You sound half dead.”
            “I’m good. What’s up Cole?”
            “Sassy Johnson, do not tell me that you have forgotten our David’s Bridal appointment?”
            “No ma’am, I just remembered.”  We both were quiet for a minute.
            “Yes, I’m getting in the shower now.”
            “Are you okay?”
            “Yep, I’m good. Get off the phone. I can’t talk to you and wash my behind at the same damn time.”
            “Okay, see you later.”

At 4:30 pm, I backed into the space next to Cole Slaw’s car right in front of David’s Bridal.  I let her get out of her car before first before I opened my door.  I had baptized my eyes in visine before leaving the apartment so I hoped she wouldn’t notice the redness once I took my shades off.
            “Nicole Slawyer, engagement is looking better and better on you.” I said, embracing my friend.  I could tell she had lost maybe 20-30 pounds.  Her skin even looked better. 
            “I took a page out of your book and started working out.  I also cut back on the sodas.”
            “Great job, you look good girl.  Keep it up.”
            “I’m trying.”

The happy, smiling employees greeted us at the double doors.  Cole told them her name and one of the women guided us to the back dressing room where our consultant was ready with a tape measure around her neck and straight pins stuck in the bottom of her shirt, ready to work.

Cole had already picked out her dress so she was just there to get it hemmed.  I watched the seamstress work for a while then I began to wonder around the store looking at the other women that were trying on dresses. Some had made very nice choices and some needed to go back to the drawing board because the dresses really didn’t compliment them, in my opinion.  I found the bridesmaids section and noticed a couple of the dresses that matched the royal blue swatch Cole had given me.  Most of them were pretty revealing which really wasn’t my style.  Sexy was different from being slutty. I made a mental note to ask my secretary, Ms. Alma if she knew anyone who could sew me a custom made dress.

We were in David’s Bridal for a little over an hour before they got Cole Slaw dress the way she wanted it.  She made another appointment to pick it up after all the alterations and cleaning was completed. 

As soon as we stepped out into the sun we looked at each other and said, as if on cue, “You hungry?”   
            “Girl, yes” I said. “I was trying to have a little patience but I promise I was drooling once I caught a whiff of the Taco Bell smells.”
            “Let’s go to this authentic Mexican restaurant down the street,” Cole suggested.
            “Hey, that’s even better. How are they’re margaritas?”
            “LOL girl, you don’t need anything else to drink today. I know you don’t think I’m dumb enough not to know that you drank the whole morning away.”
            “Huh, my ass. Take off them damn shades.”

I had forgotten all about the shades. Slowly I took the glasses off folding them trying not to make eye contact.  Cole Slaw grabbed my face and looked into my eyes.

            “Girl, look at the bags under your eyes. You better get yourself together before my wedding or you and me are going to have to fight. I do not want no drunk chick in my wedding stumbling down the aisle.”
            “I’ve never stumbled a day in my life,” I said snatching away from her.
            “Sassy, I’m serious. I know you are going through some things but you have to stop drinking so much. You’re like a sister to me so I’m getting on you because I love you.”
            “I know. Let’s go eat, I’m starving.”

I was sick of everyone telling me that I needed to stop drinking like I was a wino or something. Shit wasn’t even that serious. 

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