Thursday, July 31, 2008

Writing is a Real Job

Day 4 of my vacation and I am currently at 35,293 of my 90,000 word goal. Moving right along nicely.

I really wish this was my full-time job but one day it will be. Just gotta keep working hard. I have a few short stories that I need to edit and re-submit to magazines.

My poetry book sales are not as good as I want them to be except when I hand sell them myself to my co-workers. They love to know other people's business any way so I've given them alot to gossip about.

Well let me get back to work. Maybe I'll get to 45,000 by Monday which will make me feel alot better because I will be halfway there. I plan to have the book completed, editing and all, by the end of this year. If I keep up the momentum I'm sure I'll make.

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