Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dude, Pull Your Pants Up

What's the deal with these dudes walking around with their pants hanging of their butts. Is that suppose to be attractive? And if so, to whom? I've never heard a girl say, "I sure like how his jeans sag, girl. That is so sexy."

One guy told me that sagging is what they do best. I'm sure he was joking but GET REAL! If that is supposed to be a talent, these guys have alot more issues than I gave them credit for. When a guy approaches me, I do a quick once over just to see how he's looking. Nice hair cut or neat-looking braids-check. Nice smile, not alot of gold teeth-check. Clean t-shirt or polo shirt-check. Nice jeans, Sean Jean maybe uh oh-STEP AWAY, STEP AWAY, DRAWERS SHOWING, DRAWERS SHOWING. After that I just smile and walk away.

That is not the type of example I want for my son. And it is definitely not the type of man I want to be seen ANYWHERE with.

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