Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 is almost over ~ Now what?

Today is the last day of NaNoWriMo and as I mentioned before, I have not reached the goal of 50,000.  I am not sad about it because it will be a great novella once I finish it so it's all good.  Now what?


December is going to be my resting phase, well for writing but I plan to do a lot of reading by the end of the year.  Novels are my favorite of course but I have number of non fiction books on my list. Plus I'm going to be taking a writing class or two.  I will get into more detail about the classes at a later date.


In January, I will be back to writing or at least editing my works in progress.  It's my plan to have the first book in my Sassy Johnson series ready for publication by April 2015. It's going to take a couple of rewrites and professional edits to get to that point but I think it will be down by then.


I do plan to keep blogging. As a matter of fact I may challenge myself to write at least 100 posts in 2015.  I think the best way for me to do that would be to write a few posts at a time and schedule them to upload once or twice a week.
I thought about starting a new blog as well. Blogger has been good to me but I want to have my own domain.  When I decide on a theme or niche I'll work on creating the new site but in the mean time, I will be here.

What about you?

Congrats to those that met or exceeded the goal and good luck to those who fell short because you can always continue the story at a later time.  I hope you all had a great time during NaNo regardless of your status. 

Happy Writing. I'll holler.

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