Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dell Stop Tripping

If I can buy a Dell computer and printer at a store, I should just as easily be able to buy their ink cartridges. What brick and mortar store sells Dell ink cartridges? If you know please tell me because I’ve been everywhere. I don’t mind buying them online but it takes one to two days for it to ship if you pay the extra $5.90. God forbid if it gets lost in the mail or there’s a holiday (shaking my head). It would be so much more convenient to pick it up at Office Depot on my way home from work and finish my project in no time. I guess I should start keeping extra ink on hand, just in case but man, that stuff is kind of expensive. The piggy bank has to get busted open to buy one black and one color cartridge, I would have to get a check advance to pay for two of each. I tried the re-fill thing in the past, but the colors never came out as bright, maybe the places I’ve been to didn’t know what they were doing (shrug).

I had to set up a Dell account online to buy the ink. Then, I had to decide whether I wanted to use my debit card or credit card, I chose debit since I had just gotten paid. The check-out screen told me that the estimated delivery date is 2/10/2011. Now, I know I’ve been out of elementary school for a long time, but last I checked I was still pretty good at basic math. Now, I paid $5.90 in shipping & handling to get the cartridges in two business days. It was a Sunday so if I counted from Monday, which was the 7th, 7 plus 2 is 9? Where did 10 come from? I won’t trip because that’s just one day. I’m usually a very reasonable person, but if they would just sell the stuff in the stores I wouldn’t have to go through all of this.

Monday, I got a phone call and an email from Dell saying that my payment wasn’t authorized by my card issuer. Not sure how that happened because I used my debit card and the money was sitting there waiting for them. Now, if Dell sold the doggone ink at Office Depot, I could have just gone to the ATM, got the money out and bought the stuff. So that meant I had to wait a whole extra day to finish my projects. I’ve got people breathing down my neck because they need Valentine’s Day cards, and baby shower invitations, and mailing labels. My word! I do have enough ink in the cartridges for a few Valentine’s Day card, so everyone else is going to have to wait (shaking my head).

I got a text message from my bank telling me that Dell’s payment went through at 9:26 pm. So now I’m waiting(twiddling my thumbs)until the 11th probably.

Dell, please stop tripping and stock your cartridges at Walgreens or Office Depot or some other brick and mortar building where I can just go in and get them and get on with my life.

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