Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Birthday Adventure

Since yesterday was my birthday, I decided to go to a few places I had never gone before. After I dropped Don off at my dad’s house and ate breakfast, my adventure began.

1) Trimming the bushes

I had heard that there was a place in the mall called BrowArt, that arched eyebrows using thread. A few people have teased me about my thick eyebrows so I decided to go to a professional because if I had done them, I would have been looking real surprised.

I was the first person in the lady’s chair when she opened. She asked me if I wanted them thick or thin and I told her thick because I didn’t want a very drastic change. I guess she had the thread in her pocket because as soon as she showed me wear to hold my eyelid down, she got to plucking. Let me tell you, that shhh hurt like hell. I jumped and squirmed every time she ran that thread across a strand of hair. If I was going that crazy getting my eyebrows done, I would have been in a strait jacket trying to get the hair on my legs threaded. Lord Have Mercy.

I was pleased with the results even though I’m mean mugging in this picture. The after effect of the hair snatching was still plaguing me. I read up on this technique and discovered that this should keep the excess hair away for two weeks. Will I be going back in two weeks? No ma’am and no sir. Will I ever go back? Maybe around May, when Don’s birthday rolls around. That should give me enough time to recover.

These are my eyebrows at their worst.

What a difference some thread makes.

2) Dreamy Chocolate

I’ve eaten Godiva candy before but I had never been to the Godiva Chocolatier Shop. The lady could be seen through the window, preparing the displays. After getting half my brains plucked out, I figured I deserved some chocolate. When I walked into the shop, I looked at the lady and said, “I’ve been dreaming about Godiva chocolate.” She smiled and said, “Well, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. What would you like?” I had been hearing people talk about chocolate covered strawberries so much that I had to have some. At $7.00 a pop, I could only afford two. She enrolled me in some kind of rewards program that would give me one free truffle a month if I spent $10 or more a month at Godiva. Since I spent $15 with tax, I got the free truffle. I told her it was my birthday so she let me pick one more.

At those prices, I probably won’t be buying any Godiva chocolate anytime soon, but it sure was good for the five minutes it lasted.

3) Ice Cream Connoseur

I walked to my car swinging my nice gift bag, trying to decide where to go to next. Museums and such went through my mind but I decided to save that for when I had the kid with me. Driving down Poplar, I decided on Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop. Now, I have bought Ben & Jerry’s from Walgreens a number of times but I had never been to the actual shop. Examining the menu on the wall, I settled on an “Addicted to Chocolate” milkshake. I told the guy that was my first time in the shop and he told me once I drank that shake that I would be a snobby, ice cream connoseur that wouldn't settle for any other brand. I waited until I got outside before I took a sip. Believe me, honey, that shake was good, but (shrug) ice cream is ice cream to me. I’ll probably be going back to Ben & Jerry’s but that won’t be the only ice cream I eat.

4) All Natural

When I walked into Whole Foods, I could have sworn that place smelled like incense. I had heard a lot about the place and decided to take a peek. Plus, I figured I’d see what I could get to counteract all the junk food I had eaten. Well… Whole Foods is high. All I bought was 4 oranges, a jar of Shea butter and a bottle of biotin dietary supplements, my total was more than $50. Don killed two of the oranges as soon as he spotted them and the Shea butter got rid of the ash on my hands right away. The directions said that I can put it in my hair too, so I may try that the next time I wash it.

Now the biotin is another story. I’ve heard that biotin helps hair and finger nails to grow, so hopefully they will do the job for me. Don looked at the bottle of vitamins and said that they probably tasted like garbage. I guess, in his opinion, if the bottle doesn’t have Fred Flintstone on it, it’s worthless.

I’ve already got a habit of not taking vitamins long enough to see any results, so lil’ dude’s comment about it tasting like garbage has me scared. Whole Foods seems like a good place to go again but my pockets have got to be ready for it.

5) Italian Cuisine

I’ve passed by the Spaghetti Warehouse a number of times during my downtown drives, but today was my first time going in. I ordered a Sangria and the lady brought me fresh baked bread and garlic butter. My salad and lasagna came out rather quickly and I was even quicker in devouring the whole meal. The price of a little over $16 was very reasonable so I will definitely be going back.

All in all, yesterday was a really good birthday. The celebrating will continue into the next month when my coworkers give me a birthday party. Even if they don’t, I better get my cakes that I was promised or there are gonna be some problems. LOL

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