Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Other Side of the Story

This week’s Short Story Saturday is gonna be told from Cortez’s viewpoint. I’m trying to tap into my idea of the male perspective. I interviewed a couple guys to see why they cheat or have cheated in the past. One said because he wanted something different and at the first sign of conflict between he and his wife or girlfriend, he went in search of another woman. The other one said that his girl isn’t a very experienced lover and he doesn’t feel that he should have to tell her what he wants, she should have figured it out within the four years that they have been together.

“What’s up, Tez?” Dillon said once I had opened the door to let him in.

“Same old, same old.”

“A, man, was that Tamesha I just saw driving out the parking lot?”

“Shit, you spying on me or something? What’s up?”

“Man, ain’t nobody spying on you, I was just asking. That’s your business.”

“Yeah, it is, so stay out of it.”

“Damn, dog, forget I said anything.”

The last thing I needed was for anybody to know that I was still messing around with Tamesha. But she had insisted on coming over so I let her. Quintina was at work, so it was all good. We usually went to a hotel or her house but she was in the area so we figured why not take care of business right here.

D was killing me in NBA Jam because my mind was on Tamesha. I knew I shouldn't have let her know where I live because, I got the feeling that there was gonna be some drama somewhere down the line. I shouldn't have banged her here either, if Quintina found out she would lose all of her religion...but it was good though.

I was sleeping good when Quintina woke me up asking me about a rubber she found under the bed. At first I just blew it off, like girl you crazy, but then I remembered that Tamesha and I had been doing the damn thing on the floor so she wouldn’t mess the bed up. Obviously, I wasn’t as careful as I thought I was.

My eyes were still closed and I could only pretend to be half asleep so long. Quintina was a sweetie pie but when she got pissed off and demanded answers, I had to tell her something.

“Baby, it ain’t mine.”

“What do you mean it’s not your’s? Whose is it then? Did someone break into the house and screw some chick in our bedroom?”

I laughed, “No, baby, I let Dillon bring a girl over here. They didn’t have any money for a hotel so I let them do their thing here.”

“You did what? Why would you let Dillon bring his skank over here? He should have been at home with Shameka instead of out here banging some chick in my bed. A least you washed the covers.”

“They did it on the floor.”

“Oh wow that makes it better.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Dillon’s my best friend, through thick and thin. When he needs me, I’m there. I guess I’m used to this still being my bachelor pad, my stud stable, my house of pain,” I said rubbing her thigh.

She slapped my hand away, “Stop, nasty, this is serious.” Then she smiled. She believed me.

“Cortez, please don’t do this again. I don’t want anyone screwing other women in my house.”

“Okay, baby, I’m sorry.” I kissed her softly and when she didn’t respond. I grabbed her and pulled her down on the bed with me. She giggled. Yes, it was all good again.

After Quintina had fallen asleep, I called Dillon. Just in case she got on Dillon about bringing a girl over, I had to give him the head's up.

“A, man, if it comes up, you have to have my back on this,” I said to Dillon.

“Cortez, what are you talking about?” I had woken him up out of his sleep.

“I told Quintina that you brought a girl over here.”

“For what…awww. You and that damn Tamesha gone mess around and get y’all domes split. How long do you think Quintina is gonna put up with y’all shit?”

“Man, are you gonna help me or not?”

“I gotcha but damn, from now own leave me out of it. I don’t even know what you see in Tamesha.”

“Dog, her ass can swallow up a g-string. And man, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Tamesha’s nasty as hell. I love Quintina, but she’s kinda boring, I need some excitement sometimes.”

“Why don’t you just leave her and be with Tamesha?”

“Shit, Tamesha ain’t the wife type. She’s just the type of chick you can hang out with. Quintina’s the kind of chick you can have babies with and not worry about no baby mama drama.”

“All right, Tez, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Hell yeah I know what I’m doing. Did I say anything to you when you moved in with the chick that the whole hood ran through?”

“Man, that’s my baby’s mama. I was raised with both my parents so I owed the same thing to my kid.”

“Whatever, man. Do your thing and I’m gonna do mine.”

In all actuality, I didn’t know why I cheated on a woman that loved me as much as Quintina did. The only way that I could explain this dilemma was that I had a habit; it was like a disease that I couldn’t just get a shot in the ass to cure. It was also something that every man in my family did, even my father. I knew all about the other women and the other children that my father had. I had two sisters my age and a brother Charles’s age, but had never met any of them.

My brother Charles often said, “Always take care of home, bro. Don’t let these chicken heads keep you from doing what you are supposed to do to keep your lady happy”. With that in mind, after every rendezvous’ I had, I treated my baby like a queen whenever she came home. From cooking dinner to having Quintina’s bubble bath ready, I did whatever it took to keep her happy. Even when she suspected I was cheating, she didn't say too much because she couldn’t prove it.

Every time I break ties with Tamesha, I change my number or move to a different part of the city, she always finds me and literally suck me back in. I don’t think I could ever be in a relationship with her but she is one of the greatest lovers I’ve ever had. Quintina has learned a lot over the years, but she and Tamesha are in totally different leagues. Say for instance, Quintina goes down on me because she likes to make me happy. Tamesha does it because she likes to do it. Even when I’m ready for the real deal, I have to wait until she’s had her fill, you know what I’m saying. Tamesha’s just nasty and I can’t help but like it. Tamesha can always find that good dope too, which makes the sex even more intense.

To read more about Cortez see The Unexpected.

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