Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Lock Debate

It took me years (see My Natural hair Journey) to decide to go natural but now I'm like, what now? I really love my natural hair--the softness, the curliness, the way it makes me look like my ten year old sister when I wear it in a puff. The pictures below are some of the hairstyles that I've rocked over the past year.

For the last few months, I've been thinking a lot about getting locks (or locs). I have several co-workers that have the sisterlocks my little brother has the traditional locks and their hair looks nice and neat to me. I've also seen some really pretty lock styles on the internet. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I am somewhat addicted to changing my hairstyle. I mean, I plan to be natural for many years to come but I still want to have the option of wearing a fro, twists, twist-outs, puffs and braids. I also want to be able to cornrow my hair and wear quick weaves for a protective style.

If I decide to get them, YouTube has schooled me on how to remove locks without having to cut all of my hair off. Although, I did read a statement that a lock specialist made that basically said if the client is concerned about taking the locks down, she doesn't put them in. So what do I do? I'm gonna wait. If I keep looking at other people's hair and thinking about it, eventually I may get locks. I just hope I won't want to take them out after a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I think I'll be getting comb coils/finger coils. They have the semblance of locks without the permanence. (Plus they look like ring curls, a style that I really liked when I had relaxed hair.)

If you have any advice or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks.


Ren Thompson said...

Hi Susie,

I was in the same dilemma regarding the versatility of natural hair. One of the women I follow on youtube suggest braid locs. I braided up my hair and left it. I do the retwist every three-four weeks. Its been over a year and I haven't regretted it. Good luck with your decision xoxo

Susie McCray said...


Braid locs? Hmmm I'll check that out. Thanks.