Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day Three

I got a chance to do a little research for my story during my lunch break. Finally, I also got the chance to order my new computer. Hopefully I'll be using a trouble-free PC within the next week or two.
Once I got to my dad's house to pick up D, I began staring at the Twitter screen on my phone, wondering why my followers kept dwindling. Of course that wasn't helping me get any writing done, so I put the phone down and grabbed my notebook and pen. Then I began wondering how much Spanish I could include in my novel without irritating my English speaking readers. Should I translate every phrase? I have to, I thought, because my main character's Spanish is pretty limited so she would always be trying to translate in her mind before responding.

When I got home, I read through my notes while my nutty laptop did it's thing. CHKDSK scan, spyware update, etc.
Finally, I began typing and by 11:02 pm I had hit 1675 and I was through for the night. It was time for my nightly treat for a job well done--Facebook games!!
How are you doing so far?
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1 comment:

ganymeder said...

Already 'buddied' you. You're doing great!

Just fyi, sometimes I use my phone to email myself snippets of my Nanowrimo. When you're trying to squeeze time, every little bit helps. Then you can just copy and paste into the MS.

Good luck, and happy noveling!