Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 Shaking My Head

My current word count is 28,368 which is quite a long ways from 50,000. With two days left, I'm hoping for a miracle and a spike in my creative juices. Write or Die has been very helpful the last few days, I just wish I had been using it since day one.

My Twitter friend and fellow Nanoer @ganymeder has already exceeded the 50,000 word goal. I asked her what her secret was and she said, "Just break my daily word count into 500 word chunks-2500 daily M-F & weekends off. Plus I eat my veggies." I thought that was great advice. Since it's a little too late in the game to try that, I will definitely keep that in mind for next year's NaNo and possibly for JulNoWriMo as well.

As I mentioned in one of my tweets last night, even though things look bleak, I'm going to continue to add to my word count until the clock strikes 12 midnight on November 30.

This has been a wild ride and I really hope to do a better job of preparing for next year's challenge.

If you've already met the 50,000 word goal, let us know what your secret is. If you are still chugging along, do you think you will make it? If you feel that there's no way in heck that you'll meet the goal (as do I) let us know what your weak spots were and how you plan to work around them next time.

As always...Happy NaNo-ing!


Rasilliant Rhetoric said...

Almost 30,000 words is still a GREAT accomplishment. That is a huge chunk of novel. I wish I could've seen such success. Where I failed is, I just had too much going on this month. Next year I'm going to plan some type of resort getaway so I can be in an atmosphere where I can actually produce something besides stress. Congrats on what you were able to conquer. See you in JulyWrimo! :-)

Susie McCray said...

Thanks brah. I hope to finish this work in progress before July so I can start fresh. I think my main problem is allowing my day job to drain so much of my energy that I can barely work on my passion. I've got to learn how to just do my job and come home.