Friday, October 2, 2009

The Death of My Computer

I am so computer died last night
I don't know why I was so upset
When I realized it.
I didn't write when I was supposed to.
No greeting cards or scrapbook pages
had been done in a while.
Sims and Diner Dash had been totally neglected.
But when I pushed the power button
and nothing happened, I cried.
All I could think about were all the things I could have done.
If only the computer would come on.
I switched out parts,
unplugged and re-plugged,
But still, nothing happened
and I'm really, truly sad.
When I get a new computer
I'm not going to neglect it.
I'm going to write until
my hands cramp.
I'm going to make greeting
cards for every day on the calendar.
I'll make a scrapbook with all
the crappy photos I didn't want
anyone to see.
And I'm going to play every
goddamn game on it including solitaire.
All praises due to the computer
and the folks that brought them into existence.
I don't know how I would function without you.

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