Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Review-Fearless Fourteen is Fulfillingly Funning

Stephanie & Morelli are stuck playing mommy & daddy to teenage internet gamer, Zook, who could possibly be Morelli's son.

After getting bailed out of jail, Zook's mom, Loretta, is kidnapped by one of the guys that helped her brother rob a bank 10 years prior. The accomplice hopes to gain possession of the entire 9 million by killing two of the other partners.

Wedding plans are being made...
no Stephanie has not chosen Morelli or Ranger. Tank, one of Ranger's men, woke up one morning and found himself engaged to Stephanie's friend, Lula. Tank doesn't want to get married but Lula is really getting into the planning of the unexpected event. (Personally, I think it's going to very hard to turn the ex ho' into a housewife.)

Check out Janet Evanovich's current book, you'll be glad you did.

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