Sunday, October 16, 2011

No NaNo For Me

Around this time last year, I was getting ready for NaNoWriMo.  For those of you that don't know, that's an acronym that stands for National Novel Writing Month.  I have several blog posts about it if you want to learn more.  Anyway...

I'm not doing NaNo this year for a couple of reasons.  Number one, I have three novels in progress in various stages of completion.  One of them, I am ashamed to say, has been on my to do list since 2001.  Now I've revamped it a number of times by changing the title and practically changing the whole story line to fit what I think someone would really want to read.  Quintina Mitchell's story, Her Leftovers, is the book that has plagued me for a decade.  From the responses I've been getting to the excerpts that I've posted, I think I have a pretty good story, I've just got to make up in my mind to just be done with it already and let the readers tell me if they like the whole thing. 

The other two works in progress are my NaNo projects from the two previous years.  Sassy Johnson, the private detective and Cole Slaw, the bounty hunter, have been battling for attention the last couple of years.  They both want me to finish their stories ASAP but I haven't because well... I don't know why.  Probably because I keep going back to Her Leftovers.  So if I can't decide which one of these books to focus on, what's the point of starting another one.  Since I like all three main characters, the next book would probably be a part two to one of these projects.

The next reason why I'm not doing NaNo this year is because of my crafting business.  It's getting cold and everyone is hounding me about hats and scarves.  I've been getting a lot of orders for the jewelry too so my spare time is usually spent surrounded by beads or yarn.  It's tiring but I love it.  You can check out some of my Youtube videos ( and the photos on my Facebook( page if you want to see the different items I have made.  

Speaking of YouTube, I have been trying to document my hair growth since I've been natural.  My hair is now longer than it was right before I started growing the relaxer out.  My goal is to get it to the length and thickness that it was in high school.  I'm almost there, yayyy!  Maybe by next May I will have reached my goal, which will be the 2 year anniversary of being completely natural.

Despite all of these things I'm doing besides writing, I still think about writing.  Writing was my first love and I will always go back to it (Hence this blog post.)  One day I'll slap myself upside the head and complete at least one of these books.  If I do it before next October, I will definitely start prepping for NaNo. 


Who can I talk to about adding more hours to my day?  Mary J. Blige is loving her man 25/8 (25 hours/8 days a week) so maybe I can get 29/12. Just a thought.

To all of you who will be NaNo-ing this year, I wish you the best of luck.


Melissa said...

You have a lot on your plate so it's very understandable why you wouldn't participate. I won't be doing it either because...well, just because! LOL! I just have a lot going on and don't feel like engaging in anymore commitments right now.

I have read some of your excerpts and hope that you finish one of your projects. ;-)

Susie McCray said...


Thanks sweetie, I hope I get a chance to finish one of them if not all of them.