Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I liked this Twitter trending topic so much that I decided to make it a blog post.  If you care to learn a little about me, here goes.

1. I like the way makeup looks but I don't want to wear it every day.

2. Sometimes, I care more about what people think of me than I probably should.

3. There are times when I don't give a damn about what other people think when it's something I'm really passionate about.

4. I love my #naturalhair but I have a drawer full of weaves that I will wear whenever the mood hits me.

5. I want to be able to push out at least one book a year.

6. I want to quit my good government job and be a full-time writer, but I'm scared.

7. I love socializing with people at work and on the internet but I don't like having a lot of company at the house.

8. I think I have the cheapest and slowest internet service ever invented. SMH

9. When I was young, I used to sit in the kitchen and watch the clock. I used to will it to hurry up and make it to 7:30 so I could go to school.

10. When I was a kid, I had Strawberry Shortcake everything: underwear, bike, lunch box.

11. I snuck and drank one of my stepdad’s cans of beer when I was 10. It was horrible and I haven’t drunk beer since.

12. Mom used to make me light her cigarettes on the stove. I had to puff them to make sure they were lit before I took them back to her. I don’t smoke jack now.

13. It's sad that the only time I drink water is when there's nothing else to drink in the house.

14. I love teaching people things but if they don’t catch on after three times, I get annoyed.

15. When females talk about what their man bought for them I often wonder if they bought the stuff themselves.

16. Chik-fil-A is my favorite fast food restaurant and Applebee’s is my favorite “sit down and eat” restaurant.

17. I’m better at long distance relationships than when the guy is with me every day.

18. I’ve got four brothers and five sisters.

19. I want to have at least one more child but if it doesn’t happen before I turn forty, I’m hanging my tubes up. LOL

20. I’m a recovering Facebook game addict. No more Farmville or Cityville.

21. I was named after my paternal grandmother.

22. I used to hate my name but it has grown on me over the years.

23. Other than reading and doing my hair, my hobbies include, crochet and cross-stitch. Fun huh. I think I was an old woman in a former life.

24. I’m really not into sports but sometimes I pretend I am just to start conversations with folks. “How bout them Cowboys?”

25. I also make greeting cards for my coworkers, mostly sports related. How ironic.

26. If I could take all of the fat out of my belly and put it in my butt I would be so happy.

27. My favorite color has been red for the last ten years. It used to be blue.

28. I wouldn’t mind having a reality show for one season. It might help me to make something happen in my life.

29. I often tell people I’m broke even when I have at least fifty bucks in the bank.

30. My dad is my best friend.

31. I want at least one tattoo but I’m afraid it may keloid.

32. My youngest brother was born when I was twelve and all of my friends thought he was my son.

33. My youngest sister was born when I was 24 and everyone thought she was my daughter.

34. I used to collect bears. Teddy bears and figurines.

35. When I get the money, I’m getting a parrot and I’m going to name it Tipsy.

36. I was going to name my son Donnell Jones McCray but I named him Donovan JaMelle McCray instead.

37. The song “Go DJ” by Lil Wayne gave me the initials I wanted to use for his name.

38. I love making YouTube videos. If the kid wasn’t always bugging me I would make two or more every week.

39. I want to learn to play the piano.

40. I’m 5’3” but I wish I was taller.

41. I weigh 300+ and I definitely wish I was smaller.

42. I’ve gained more than 100 pounds since high school. My fat was in all the right places back then.

43. I wear size 11 shoes. I truly believe that if it weren’t for the drag queens, I wouldn’t have such a great selection of shoes at my disposal.

44. I hate housework but I hate funky smells even more.

45. I would like a breast reduction.

46. I wish I had hair down to my butt.

47. I rather do my own hair than go to the salon.

48. I ain’t no killer, but don’t push me. LOL

49. I wish I could be 25 again. I would make better choices than I did the first time around.

50. I used to have a re-occurring dream where I drove my car off of a cliff.

51. I stopped having that dream when I drove from Memphis to Philadelphia and crossed all kinds of scary roads without crashing.

52. I like BIG earrings.

53. I like cake but I don’t like icing—anymore.

54. I love to hug people that I really like.

55. I like kissing as long as there isn’t a lot of drool involved.

56. I was studying to be a Jehovah’s Witness, but the fornication thing kept getting in the way.

57. I was an usher for a year at a Baptist church until, again, the fornication thing got in the way.

58. Now that I don’t go to church at all, there’s not much fornication going on. *Shrug* Go figure.

59. I have shoes or boots in almost every color.

60. I used to have a twitter husband until he left me for some real-life chick.

61. I want contact lenses but I’m afraid to stick them in my eye.

62. I once sat in Lenscrafters for an hour trying to put contacts in my eyes. Kids were putting them in with no problem and I was jealous.

63. I wear sunglasses on top of my glasses. I will not be outdone.

64. I wish I could speak better Spanish. I need some Spanish-speaking friends; these audio cds ain’t cutting it.

65. I graduated number 7 in my high school class. College was a little harder but I pretty much had a B average when I graduated.

66. I only keep half of the secrets that people tell me. Of course I only tell my dad. He don’t know them folks.

67. Sometimes I’m very impatient and other times I have the patience of Job.

68. I’m going to buy a Mercedes before I die. Even if I can only afford to make the first payment.

69. I hate driving but I hate waiting for a ride even more.

70. I think I have the ugliest big toe nails on the planet.

71. I wish I had a bumper car.

72. I wish I had a twin.

73. If my dad dies before me, I’m leaving Memphis.

74. If my son dies before me, I’m quitting my job.

75. I’m a Pisces. I get along very well with Pisceans that are born in February. I bump heads with the ones born in March.

76. I try not to keep liquor in the house too often because I don’t want to turn into an alcoholic.

77. When I’m supposed to go to bed early, I stay up late.

78. When I don’t have anything to do but stay up late, I go to bed early.

79. I take pictures with my cell phone more than I talk on it.

80. I used to be addicted to NoDoz. I had a lot of days where I didn’t sleep for 24 hours, but slept for 12 when I finally got a chance to lay down.

81. I used to have two full time jobs, but now I barely have the energy to go to one every day.

82. I get sad when I lose Twitter followers as if I had already formed a bond with them.

83. I want to get married once, and that’s it. Being a serial bride does not sound like fun to me.

84. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I kinda am since I have to train my coworkers.

85. I wanted to be a nurse too, but I didn’t want to deal with the bedpan issue.

86. I often think of stuff in the middle of the night and wake up to write it down before I forget.

87. I wrote my first short story at 11 years old.

88. I wrote my first poem at 14 years old.

89. Sometimes I wake up an hour earlier than I really have to, but I still end up being 15 minutes late.

90. I hardly ever leave work on time because it seems like people think of crap to ask me once I’ve logged off my computer and put my bag on my shoulder.

91. I wish I could work part time and still make the same amount of money.

92. I would like to work from home but not for “The Man”, for myself. Or I could be like this guy in a movie trailer I saw where he ran his law office out of car and people just drove up to his window to talk to him.

93. I hate working overtime but I love getting the extra money.

94. I used to want a gold tooth.

95. I used to be extremely shy but I got over that when I got in my late 20s.

96. If I stopped coloring my hair, I bet half of it would be gray.

97. I sit in front of the computer more than I watch TV.

98. My cell phone is also my home phone.

99. I hate taking pills.

100. I’m the best friend anyone could ever have.


ShayShay said...

Love it! I see why we're such good friends lol

Susie McCray said...


LOL Do we have a lot in common?