Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Tomorrow is the last work day for many of my co-workers until the new year. This time of year brings parties galore. Some work groups choose to have their goodies in the conference rooms at work, others plan to meet up at local bars, clubs and eateries. I love the holidays!
We drew names a few weeks ago so tomorrow we will be exchanging gifts. As funny as money has been for my family, this will probably be the only present that I get (that I didn't buy for myself).
My manager isn't going to be at work, so I'm celebrating with one and possibly two of the teams in my department. It's all good to me. I had started making handmade cards but they look too plain to me. Some of my peers have displayed the cards I made for them last year so I would hate to disappoint them with something less than my very best. (I'll save my craftiness for Valentine's.)
Since I am a people watcher, much of the goings on will probably end up in one of my stories some where down the line. Especially if I go to the party where alcohol will be served--LOL. I look forward to seeing how the margaritas will loosen the tongues of some of my co-workers.
Do you celebrate with your co-workers? If so, what are your plans and do things usually turn
out great or not so much?

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